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Acne Prevention & Complexion Enhancing Skincare Routine

Assalamualaikum everyone! I hope you all are well by the grace of Allah ☻ The last time I told you about my skin care, I briefed you all about the oil-cleansing method. Since then honestly, I have cut down my... Continue Reading →

Sunshine Blogger Awards ☼

Assalamualaikum everyone! I hope you all are well by the grace of Allah ☻ I have been nominated for the sunshine blogger awards by misfitmuslimah (blog). Jazakallahu khayran ukhti for the nomination, I hope you are healthy in sha Allah... Continue Reading →

Goodbye Bad Skin and Hello Gorgeous!

Assalamualaikum everyone! Today I will post a topic that is a bit different from usual and I'm going to share my beauty tip for clear skin with you! Acne is a big problem today. Now, even as adults, our skin breaks out... Continue Reading →

My Hijab Story

Assalamualaikum everyone! Hope you all are doing well in sha Allah ❤︎ Being a muslimah who decides to wear the hijab in a not-so-conservative family can be hard, not that it may not be hard for others as well. For... Continue Reading →

I Quit Music: the Reason, and What I Think About Music Now

Hello and Assalamualaikum! *Disclaimer: Don't get offended, I don't judge based on if you listen to music or not.* Music was a daily part of my life, I would listen to it everywhere. Studying? Gotta put on music. Riding a... Continue Reading →

A struggle – let me practice my faith, don’t hold me back

Hello and Assalamualaikum! Today I want to share with you all a situation I've been going through and offer advice based upon it. Alhumdulilah I've been born into a Muslim family, but the issue comes up when you are on... Continue Reading →

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