Goodbye Bad Skin and Hello Gorgeous!

Assalamualaikum everyone!

Today I will post a topic that is a bit different from usual and I’m going to share my beauty tip for clear skin with you!

Acne is a big problem today. Now, even as adults, our skin breaks out with acne. My elders tell me stories of how their skin never really broke out, so what is the problem that suddenly has been causing break outs now? I suspect it’s food. Our food is not as fresh and healthy how as it should be. We buy frozen foods and/or frozen ingredients, on top of that, our foods are GMOs and have so many synthetic ingredients mixed in them that if you just read the ingredient labels you’ll be confused on what even your food is even made of, fruits and vegetables are GMOs too and usually covered in pesticides (please ALWAYS wash your fruits and veggies before eating). No wonder there are so many health problems today. We should also try not to overeat as it is also harmful to health.

Nowadays my face wash – Cetaphil – has just been hanging in the corner now, barely does it get touched. My skin loves the decision I made. Stay away from those nasty chemicals which make you think they are helping your skin, when they really aren’t. It’s short-term help, once you leave those acne treatments, medications, and face washes, your acne bounces right back.

I’m sure most of you have heard about the oil-cleansing method, and that is exactly what I have embraced. Now of course, it wasn’t an overnight miracle, but it, slowly but surely, has been helping my skin.

I knew about the oil-cleansing method for a while, but after watching Amena’s video (x) on it, I decided to give it a go. I use Amena’s method, and I love it!

Even though many youtubers and dermatologists advised not to use olive oil, especially on it’s own, for the oil-cleansing method as it is very fat, I use olive oil. No combination of oils, purely extra-virgin olive oil. The reason why is because olive oil is known to have shif’a, so I just thought – surely our prophet ﷺ knew more than these youtubers and dermatologists. However, it is up to you which oils you want to use (if you want lighter oil, maybe a combination jojoba oil and olive oil will be beneficial).

The first few times I performed the oil-cleansing method, my skin did break out. However, I continued my use with firm belief that olive oil does have shif’a and alhumdulilah, my skin loves olive oil now.

Amena showed the method, but I did add my own touches to her routine –

(1). I let the oil sit for at least 5 minutes before applying a hot washcloth on it and eventually wiping it off

(2). I leave on the hot washcloth for two minutes rather than 30 seconds – 1 minute to really let the oil do its work on my skin and also because it feels really nice.

The before and after using the oil-cleansing method for about 2 months:

Before –  my skin was extremely sensitive and there were breakouts every day. I had started using new natural remedies and I guess my skin didn’t like that, so for about one and a half years my face was filled with acne. It was terrible, I felt very ugly and each time I came across a mirror I wanted to cry. My entire face was bumpy and the few places where there was not any acne, there were acne scars. It was not the best phase of my life.

After – alhumdulilah, acne is at bay. Yes, I still do get acne sometimes, but in a limited amount.  On average I get about 3 new pimples (at most) in two days, but they recover and leave my skin very fast. Acne scars are recovering and fading away, and when I stroke my skin, there are barely any bumps. Alhumdulilah, olive oil really showed it’s shif’a.

I encourage you guys to try this and do not get discouraged if you break out in the beginning, be patient and make dua, your skin will eventually accept it and get used to it in sha Allah. If you have tried this method, let me know how it worked out for you ☻

Also to kickstart this process, I do advise to get hijama (wet-cupping) done, it really helps clear out your skin as takes out all that impure and dirty substances out from your blood. Hijama has shif’a and was highly recommended by our prophet ﷺ for health.

I hope this post was beneficial for you and I hope that your skin clears out in sha Allah if it isn’t clear already. Take care and have a great spring break (if you’re on it)!

✧ Dania


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