I Quit Music: the Reason, and What I Think About Music Now

Hello and Assalamualaikum!

*Disclaimer: Don’t get offended, I don’t judge based on if you listen to music or not.*

Music was a daily part of my life, I would listen to it everywhere. Studying? Gotta put on music. Riding a car? Gotta put on music. Cleaning? Gotta put  on music. Music made things more enjoyable and it relaxed my mood. Through music, I expressed myself. The words I could never say to anyone, the feelings, the experiences, all expressed in this beautiful song. How could I ever tell anyone that this is how I feel? Yet, this song understands me completely. How I loved music.

I would go on twitter and tweet artists “your song is just what I needed, thank you,” to show my appreciation of their work and to show that music affected me so positively. I heard here and there that music was haram, but I thought I’m not listening to anything sinful, how can this be wrong? How can something that makes me feel good be wrong? As long as I listen to music that doesn’t go against the words of Allah, I’m good. Boy was I wrong! Positive impact? Haha okay, I was naive back then. I see it now, how Allah saved me from the horrors of music.

As you could tell, I was pretty engaged with music. But what happened was that despite the fact that I would console myself by how could this be wrong? I knew music had to leave my life. I would stand up to pray, I would be reciting verses but the back of my mind would be playing songs. I knew that if I wanted focus in my salah, music had to go. So I did it, I cut off the music.

Fast forward, I started realizing how music impacted me so negatively. I would wish to go to concerts, I wanted concerts so badly. But I never was able to go, and I would be devastated when I knew my favorite artists are in town, but here I am on my laptop, not being able to catch a glimpse of them. But now I see, all that money, for who? For someone who doesn’t even know your name? Why waste so much money on that? How ridiculous, don’t you think? Why should I spend hundreds of dollars for you? For a night that won’t matter in 10 years? What am I going to get? Not even a dua. If you want to spend so much money on a person, at least spend it someone who can give you a dua.

Recently, the superbowl passed by. It’s been about 2 years since I left music. My mother opened the T.V. and there was Lady Gaga performing. Interested, I bobbed my head up from my laptop, and it was horrific. I was appalled. Look at all these people, they’re losing their heads! Why? Why are you going so crazy for this person? All that money, the fans, the crazy outfits, the sold out stadium, the cost of tickets, it looked like hell to me. All that fitna. Then I thought, wow I used to be like those fans losing my head over just another person, why are we making them more worthy than they are? You may not see it, but it was as if the fans were worshipping lady gaga. Insane. All that money could’ve gone for a good cause, but people “just want some fun.” Well…You can still have fun without spending a luxurious amount of money.

I thought, Alhumdulilah. Imagine all the money I would’ve spent on these people, and all the sad nights I would’ve gone through if I didn’t quit music. Alhumdulilah I am saved of satans’ trap for thinking we need all this entertainment and that this entertainment is great. That I should focus and give time and energy into these things. It has been normalized, the extravagance of the music industry, but take a step back, woah man. It’s ridiculous, it truly is. It’s upsetting how this is what we worry about. A great example was Beyonce’s pregnancy announcement. Everyone was so focused on that, they did not notice the important things going on that very day the pregnancy was announced. People were suffering, and if we could give all the enthusiasm we had for Beyonce’s pregnancy for real causes, we could change the world.

My final stance, we all know what the illuminati is. Let’s face it, we all know that most of the people who are famous are part of this organization. If you look closely at song lyrics and music videos, you can often see the hints of illuminati presence. If you believe there’s no such thing, please go watch documentaries and evaluate how so many people in history died for their good intentions. Contemplate why the entertainment business is so big and influential. Ok, if not, why did stars (hint: they died young) advocate against the illuminati? They were insiders so obviously they knew if the illuminati was real or not, yet they advocated against them. For example, Michael Jackson’s sister says that Michael often said “they’re out to kill me,” and truly believes the illuminati killed her brother. Now Paris Jackson also says that the illuminati killed her father. Tupac spoke out against the illuminati and coined the term killuminati.

The point is, How can you love someone who loves shaitan? How can you love someone who loves your biggest enemy? Actually forget that, how can you love someone who worships the enemy of the One who created you?

As I do not want to make this post super lengthy for your convenience, I will talk about this situation more in part 2! In part 2, I’ll take a more islamic punch at this as part 1 is more personal. I’ll post part 2 either Tuesday or before Tuesday. Stay tuned!

✧ Dania



  1. Salaam! Jazakum Allahu khairan for such an interesting post! I also totally gave up on music cold-turkey for my very first Ramadan, and haven’t looked back since alhamdulillah! I was never a die hard fan or anything, but I did enjoy country music and traditional Celtic music while working out or driving, but I was noticing the bad effect it was having on my ibadah, as you mentioned. Unfortunately since being in Algeria it is so much harder to avoid, it is everywhere, and the worst kind of pop and hip hop with all the swearing, references to alcohol and shamelessness. May Allah keep us on the straight path ameen!

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    1. Wa’alaikumasalam, wa iyyakum, and ameen! May Allah grant you strength against music, increase your imaan and the quality of your ibadah, ameen. This is the situation here in the United States as well. Truly the lyrics are just something else, astaghfirullah. I guess to even it out, we can listen to the recitation of the Quran to get the music out of our heads. Take care and jazakallahu khayran for sharing your experience with me. ☺︎

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  2. Shaitan has been hitting me hard lately. Iwill just be sitting there and all of a sudden an old song will pop up into my head and I have to suppress the urge to listen. I just remind myself that it is literally the whispers of satan trying to entice me back to him. Good post sis, you kind of lost me there about the illuminati thing but really good post.

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  3. You’ve truly revealed the “secrets” so many of us are unaware of. It is indeed a blessing for all of us that music is haram for there is no reasonable benefit in it. I often think about all of these people just following blindly a person who doesn’t even acknowledge their existence and forget about the One who sent revelations upon revelations for them to be acknowledged and saved from any torment. SubhanAllah! May Allah reward you abundantly with goodness.

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    1. Alhumdulilah, I’m glad my post benefitted you! Ameen, may Allah grant you more for what you asked for me, ameen! I often think of it too, how do people live life without God? They are truly living a depressed life.

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