An Introduction

Hello and Assalmualaikum everyone!

I hope to find you all with good health in sha Allah.

So a little about me…

My name is Dania, I’m in my twenties, and my passion is my religion.

I find Islam to be the most beautiful thing in my life and so I decided to start this blog to give naseeha and express my views on certain topics and controversies.

I hope you all enjoy my blog and I hope to keep growing with this blog in sha Allah!

Although I don’t have a lot of hobbies due to my time being diverted to university work, I love to bake and occasionally bake out of stress, so you’ll be a happy camper at my place in sha Allah☻

Jazakallahu khayran for visiting my blog, I hope you enjoyed your stay.

✧ Dania



  1. I would foremost like to say that I am no scholar, this is not a fatwa, just an opinion.

    I certainly do not like responding to comments posted by brothers as much. However, this is online thus no physical attraction takes place. The use of words though is something we need to be careful about. A blog is an interface where we exchange opinions and do not engage in flirting (or at least shouldn’t as that’s not what a blog is about). I think that if the subject of conversation is far from anything to do with relationships, it should be okay. You don’t see me and I don’t see you. May Allah forgive me if I am wrong and guide me, ameen.

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    1. Yeah I think intentions is the most important thing only asked cos some brother asked me and I didn’t not want to sound hypocrtical


    2. And also a sister did say if I do a harm relationship post it would be hypocritical as I’m talking on her comments and I did not say anything inappropriate


      1. I think that sister is taking it too far. You commenting on a sister’s post does not put you in a relationship??? It’s not hypocritical for you to post about haram relationships while commenting on sister’s posts in a decent manner. Not in my opinion anyway.

        With collaboration, it’s the same thing. you don’t see each other and aren’t engaging in haram talk. I would think it’s okay, but better to avoid because when it comes to commenting on blogs, comments are public, everyone can see; but when collaborating there will be private messages as well

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      2. Yeah I was going to collaborate with her but then I thought we might private message.yeah that is what I thought like when I commented I didn’t do it to have a haraam relationship etc

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